Professional Equestrian League
President of PEL Ukrainian businessman and public person
Andrew Belyi
We want to unite the efforts of all riders and other people related with horse sport

We invite riders, clubs, federations, horse owners, amateurs and simply spectators of the horse shows to participate in our activity which is aimed at development of sport in our country. Ukrainian horse sport deserves to be brought to the highest level .

Ukraine is European country. Also in horse sport we want to be on the European level. We have talented young riders, we have absolutely wonderful horses and a lot of support from the side of trainers and organisers of the horse shows. And we are ready to work for the victory.

Our goal is to attract attention from the side of society and to find financial support for horse sport. We have already many achievements and we can become even better.

The first project of Professional Equestrian League is Ukrainian Masters Series. It is focused on the best riders and horses and on those who want to become better. So it is for you!